ISO 14001

The implementation of the system takes place as follows.

Condition assessment.
This first phase involves the collection at the Laboratory Test of all the elements necessary for the preparation of an Operational Plan.
All information gathered during the preliminary check-ups are processed and reported in an Operating Plan.
In the Operational Programme shows the path designed to arrive on schedule for certification.
Development of activities.
The development of the various activities takes place in subsequent stages of implementation through meetings that will take part:
The Head of the WG,
The employees contemplated in the Project,
The Head of the Environmental Management System,
The Head of the Quality Management System (if any),
During the implementation of the system, special attention will be devoted to the elaboration of the ' "Environmental Analysis"
During the analysis will be considered significant environmental aspects, that is, those aspects that have a significant environmental impact.
After the analysis will be produced a document entitled "Environmental Report".
The current documentation of the system is identified:
In the Quality Manual, which is the reference document and presentation of the entire Environmental Management System.
In Management Procedures, which are the reference documents for particular activities.
In Environmental Procedures, which are the reference documents for the management of significant environmental aspects.
In the Operating Instructions, which are the reference documents to guide operators in the execution of their duties.
In Forms, that goes to make up the set of documents recording of important data for the system and for which the conservation and availability is required.
In the Environmental Report.
During the implementation of the Quality System and as planned in the Operational Audit of the Project will be conducted at the Company to verify the implementation, transposition and correct use of all the activities that have particular influence in the establishment of the system.
Assistance during the process of certification.
During the relative phase of Certification ITER, ns. Technicians will follow the Company:
In the choice of the Institute of Certification,
In the preparation of the application for the initiation of the process of certification to be sent to the Institute of Certified chosen,
As observers during the visit of Certification.

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