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Revision of EU rules on date marking - ‘use by’ and ‘best before’

Mar 14, 2022
As a part of the "From Farm to Fork" strategy, the European Commission proposes to revise the rules on date marking - "use by" and "best before" – to avoid unnecessary discarding of food. ... Read more »

Legionellosis testing

Aug 20, 2018
As known from the chronicles of this last period, in many countries of our peninsula have been found numerous cases of Legionellosis, with consequences even fatal in some cases.... Read more »

Acquisition of felsilab srl

Jul 6, 2018
ALS ITALIA announces the acquisition of 100% of the company shares of FELSILAB Srl (Bologna). Felsilab S.r.l. is an industrial research and experimental development company, environment-safety consulting and analysis laboratory. The acquisition is part of the ALS GLOBAL development plan and will allow us to increase the supply of services throughout the country. We welcome FELSILAB colleagues for a new and prosperous collaborative future together.  Read more »

Waste and new criterie

Jul 5, 2018
From 5 July 2018, the criteria for classification of waste, as hazardous to the aquatic environment, will be the same as the classification of mixtures dangerous to the aquatic environment according to the CLP Regulation, but with the difference that the waste legislation does not provide the articulation in different categories for chronic toxicity and the multiplicative factor M. is not taken into consideration. This is the application of the Regulation (EU) 2017/997, issued a year ago,... Read more »


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