Are You A Company Or An Entrepreneur?

The expertise gained over the years has led Leochimica to be a reference point for the activities of the various sizes, from the small craftsman to 'multinational industry. Today we include in our portfolio over 4,000 customers. Among them, the ones that most use the services offered by the analytical laboratories and from consulting firms, include:

Food companies:

  • Farms and livestock producers
  • Fish farmers
  • Confectioneryindustryand ice cream makers
  • Manufacturers of beverages, wines and spirits
  • Farm slaughter, meat cutting
  • Ham
  • Dairyindustry
  • Olive oil producer
  • Mass Distribution
  • Bakers
  • Sausagefactory
  • Coffee Shop
  • Mills
  • Food supplements Industries
  • Pasta
  • Honey producer

Manufacturers and cosmetics retailers

Industrial activities:

  • Production companies in clothing  and footwear sector
  • Paper Mills
  • Steel mills and foundries
  • Manufacturers of engines and components
  • Chemical Industries of rubber and plastics
  • Mechanical industries, carpentry, workshops
  •  Furniture Industries and window frames
  • Equipment for manufacturing fertilizers, compost
  • Painting
  • Galvanic industries
  • Woodworking Firms

Business services:

  • Multiservice companies and management of integrated water cycle, gas, waste
  • Landfill and reception facilities and waste treatment
  • Schools
  • Public bodies (municipal administrations, provinces, regions)
  • Centers of services for the elderly
  • Centers of services for disabled
  • Italian Army


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