The implementation of the management system complies with the BRC Standard reference and / or IFS is a means to be able to export the products of their company with an acknowledgment of guarantee and reliability issued by a third body and aimed at ensuring the safety, legality and quality of the food product.

Implement a management system conforming to the BRC Standard reference and / or IFS means:
Define the objectives to be achieved with the implementation and subsequent certification of the Management System;
Perform complete testing on existing operational processes in the company in order to compare them with the requirements of the reference Stanard and take action to correct any non-compliance;
Improve or increase the efficiency of processes or activities already present in the company, with particular reference:
The requirements related to hygiene;
Prevention and dissemination of good manufacturing practices;
To ensure food safety throughout the supply chain.
Enhance, develop and train all staff employed by the Company with particular relevance for the person who will act as the Head of Quality Assurance, ie the function entrusted to the management of the Corporate Management System, for the people who make up the HACCP Team and operators involved in the monitoring of the identified CCP and carrying out basic tasks for the safety of the product;
Formalize the activities relevant to the purposes of the Company's Management System in documents;
Verify that the formalized and implemented enable the realization of the objectives.