ALS Italy is equipped with a spectrophotometer which allows the analysis "quantitative" of the color by means of Cartesian coordinates or vector.

The tool allows you to measure the color of any object, both food and non-food. Leochimica also owns the relevant software for the management of data and the creation of the color charts (placement of the color measured on the Cartesian plane of the color, graphic absorbance, etc ...).

Using this instrument it is possible to determine quantitatively the "color differences", therefore it is possible to compare samples between them even at a distance of time, freeing subjective observation of the person and by the fact that the human brain has no memory of the color (I can not say if the two colors are the same after some time).


This tool can be applied to food and non-food, in solid or liquid samples in homogeneous or inhomogeneous.

Some additional services:
◾Validation of shelf life (to follow the color change in time) for both foods that for creams and cosmetics.
◾Validation of thermal processes (change in the color of the product subsequent to sterilization / pasteurisation, determine the limits of firing temperature also according to color, etc.).
◾Validation of new food formulations (verify the compliance and stability of color over time, obtaining colors as similar as possible to the original sample, etc.).
◾Validation oxidation foods like fruits and vegetables (enzymatic browning) when exposed to air
◾Use in case of disputes regarding color variations of products.
◾Validation color than standard corporate or supply specifications


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